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Replanting Hope

Jose, a rural farmer in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua, depended on a good rainy season for harvest.

“As a farmer, I always put faith in God that the rainy season will be abundant so we can produce what’s necessary to survive and sustain our needs. Each year I was able to harvest 2 manzanas (3.4 acres) of beans, but in 2022, we were affected by the hurricanes, and our harvest was very small. What’s more, our land suffered too much flooding.”

Jose became desperate to feed his three children and wasn’t sure how he would recover his land. Another farmer in his community shared with him about CEPAD’s programs and the training process and invited him to join.

“In CEPAD’s Sustainable Agriculture Program, I have received workshops that have helped me grow my knowledge as a small farmer. I’ve learned how to improve my land using kitchen scraps in my organic compost. It’s marvelous to have new work experiences.

Now we don’t just plant beans but also vegetables and fruits, which improve my family’s diet. My land is now diverse with papaya, plantains, quequisque (a root vegetable), pineapple, yucca, squash, oranges, lemons, níspero, and sweet potato.”

Thanks to generous donors and supporters, Jose is now optimistic and hopeful about the future now that he has recovered a sustainable farm.

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