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In 1988, CEPAD asked for help distributing its English-language newsletter, the CEPAD Report. In response, a group of volunteers in the United States came together to be the production team as well as developing and expanding the mailing list, and making occasional requests for financial support.


In 1992, CEPAD-USA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was founded to help facilitate the fundraising and help the people of Nicaragua in their work for justice and peace and for overcoming poverty and war.

CEPAD-USA's origins belong with CEPAD, the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua. CEPAD was founded in 1972 to help victims of a large earthquake that destroyed the capital city of Managua. CEPAD originally dedicated

their work to disaster relief but in the early 2000's began to work in long-term sustainable change.

CEPAD is the primary recipient of CEPAD-USA's grants. CEPAD works with impoverished villages in Nicaragua to provide training for women, farmers, youth and pastors. CEPAD works with 47 villages for 5 years until they graduate from CEPAD's programs and have improved their financial stability. You can learn more about CEPAD's work on our Supported Projects page. 

Today, not only does CEPAD-USA continue the work of publishing and distributing the CEPAD Report we also work hard to grow financial support for CEPAD’s programs and operations from within the United States.


Travelers on a donor trip take a day to enjoy the beauty of Nicaragua


The mission of CEPAD-USA is to:
  • Facilitate transformative relationships and understandings between communities in Nicaragua and the U.S.

  • Create opportunities for North Americans to learn of the political, social and economic realities of the Nicaraguan people.

  • Provide financial and technical assistance to non-governmental organizations in Nicaragua that work to empower communities and address issues of poverty, education and justice.


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