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A Sweet Business

Delia had previously received workshops from another organization on beekeeping. She received one hive and a beekeeping suit. While Delia enjoyed working with the bees and getting honey, she wanted to learn how to make it into her own business. When CEPAD came to her community, Delia wanted to be involved.

“I always wanted to have my own business. I wanted to be trained on how to administer funds. My motivation was really the workshops, learning how to manage my funds, and receiving visits from local staff.”

Over time, Delia was able to grow from just one hive, to having seven! She checks in on them every day, and works to overcome certain obstacles.

“I make sure my daughter goes to school every day, and then I go see my bee hives. My biggest obstacle is maintaining my seven hives in the summer, when there is little vegetation, and it’s very dry. I try to make them a food mixture to help them survive.”

Delia has even received invitations from a Nicaraguan business organization to sell her honey at their fairs. She is starting to see the success of her business.

“The biggest impact for me has been the workshops and the loan I received. I am now able to help my husband bring money into the household. It makes me feel productive. My husband and daughter now see my beehives as a source of income.”

We are so proud of Delia’s hard work, and look forward to see what she does in the following years. She also has big dreams of her own.

“My dreams are to grow my business and export my honey. I want to provide a better education for my daughter and see her as a working professional, in whatever career she chooses.”

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