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You are supporting 7 new villages in Somoto

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Images above: New villages benefitting from your support in Somoto. In Uniles (left), the only access to water is from a truck that drives into the community every morning. In La Pintada (right), access to the community is difficult, there are no good roads into the village.

With the support of an institutional donor and your generous support CEPAD has been able to open a new office in the region of Somoto, in the Northern part of Nicaragua. There are 7 new villages that will receive training from CEPAD.

The biggest challenges in these villages are high poverty levels, low yields in basic grains such as corn and sorghum and little support from other organizations.

Community members share that the presence of CEPAD is very important because it will mean a step forward for the communities and for the children who are living in poverty in these villages.

Water is also an issue for many villages. Many don’t have access to potable water while others struggle with contamination of wells.

Thank you for bringing hope to these new communities in Somoto!

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