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You are a changemaker for many families

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Priscilla is a member of the Family Gardens program that gives women the seeds, trainings and tools to grow healthy food for their families.

Before this program Priscilla didn’t know how to grow any food and she credits this program with changing her life and the life of her family. Thank you for being a changemaker for Priscilla and other families living in poverty in Nicaragua.

"First, I had a training to be able to grow this great garden that I have now…. I didn't know how to start my work or how to do it but when they taught me [CEPAD} they gave us the instructions of everything.

We began to prepare the land and after we prepared the land, they [CEPAD] visited us to give us the seeds.

They gave onion, tomato, green pepper, squash and watermelon which we harvested. I thank God because I did not know how to start that and when I started this and it gave me fruit, I gave away these crops, but all this was thanks to CEPAD that they gave us these trainings and I have sown all those seeds.

“I have eaten, I have given away, I have sold and I feel proud because [before] I did not know what to do on my land.”

I have eaten, I have given away, I have sold and I feel proud, because I did not know what to do on my land. Before it was empty and I did not know how to work it, but thanks to God we started with these seeds and we saw all those changes in our lives. We have also seen changes in other people, I saw that I could take initiative to encourage others to make changes in themselves and their environment.

I want to continue working with my garden. We are only 5 women and we all harvest and I thank God for this CEPAD training, and thanks to the team to these people who come with all the will and desire to support not only me, but several with these seeds. Without realizing it you are changing the life not only of one person, but of a whole family.

I give thanks because we have had 5 trainings and I have visited other communities teaching them everything I have learned and teaching them that they can do it too. I am happy because we have been agents of change for us and other families.”

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