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Turning a Seed Fund Into a Growing Business

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Concepción, a young mom living in rural Nicaragua, felt stuck in her goals.

“I had an idea of starting a small business, but I was very fearful and had a lot of questions. How could I start a corner store? What would I sell? Who would lend me the money to start? And if it goes bad – who would help me pay the debt?”

With only her husband’s occasional paycheck, Concepción needed to find a way to help support their 4-year-old-daughter, but faced challenges in finding employment.

“My daughter is little; I couldn’t go to work outside of the home. I didn’t have anyone to care for her during the week, so who would I leave her with?”

When CEPAD started providing new opportunities in her community, Concepción joined the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program with the idea of starting her own tortilla stand. After attending CEPAD workshops on gender equality, managing funds, keeping accounting records, and client attention, Concepción received a seed fund of USD$112 to start her business.

“The first day, I started by making 35 tortillas. The following week, I had worked up to making 100 tortillas each day, and after two weeks, the demand grew. Mothers with school children would purchase tortillas from me for their kids’ snack at school. Now, I have to make around 300 tortillas each day to keep up. I also make them for special orders or events.”

Concepción’s tortillas were in such great demand, she had to open up her business more days throughout the week to meet the community’s needs. Now, she has expanded her business to include more than just selling tortillas, but also cell phone plans, gasoline, eggs, and other household items. Concepción’s growing business has empowered her to earn at least $28 each week, which goes towards investing back into her business and taking care of her family.

Thank you for empowering women like Concepción with a stable business and income. Concepción no longer has to rely on external support to get by and can provide a better future for her daughter.

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