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Ramona Grows in Adversity

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Ramona, a wife and mother in CEPAD’s Family Gardening Program, is learning new and organic ways to grow produce in her yard. Ramona’s various fruits and vegetables are

flourishing thanks to natural ingredients.

“I make my own organic compost and fertilizers using cow dung, molasses, and milk, letting it ferment for 25 days. The organic insect repellents I’ve made include chili, garlic, and onion, to keep the pests from eating my plants. It’s been important for me to take care of my family’s health while also taking care of the environment through not using chemicals.”

Not only is Ramona feeding her family with better produce, but they are able to save money doing so. Last year, Ramona’s garden was just starting out, but she was able to save C3,000 ($85) by not having to travel into town to buy at the market.

While Ramona is experiencing great success with her new garden, there are also some serious obstacles.

“One challenge I’m facing in my garden is getting enough water. In the community, there’s only one well that we all drink from. However, my husband is helping me to get water from the river 2 kilometers away to water my plants, which has really helped.”

Water scarcity is a major obstacle for many Nicaraguans trying to grow even the most basic of crops. Climate change is affecting us in a very visible and tangible way. That’s why CEPAD’s organic farming programs are important as we try to replenish the earth.

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