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Priscila: Hopeless to Hopeful

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Priscila, aged 61, knows what it is like to feel hopeless.

“I currently live alone since all of my children have married and left, many to live far away. My husband used to live with me and helped maintain the household, but he passed away two years ago due to COVID-19. It was very difficult for me and I asked God to give me a purpose in life to keep on surviving.”

Priscila found that purpose through CEPAD’s Family Gardening Program, where she learned how to prepare the soil, plant different crops, and take care of them as they grow.

Priscila now grows carrots, radish, cucumber, squash, pineapple, pepper, tomatoes, and more. She no longer has to travel the 14 kilometers to purchase these items at the market. Not only does she use this new produce for her own food, but she’s able to sell the excess, which will support her in her retired years.

With her adult children living far away and without her husband, Priscila had felt lonely, desperate for new relationships.

“Through the program, I’ve met women from other communities and have made many

friendships. This has given me the opportunity to go and visit them in their communities and for us to share our experiences and keep each other motivated to continue working hard.”

Thanks to your support, Priscila has found meaning to her life.

“I want to thank CEPAD for coming to our community, helping us, and motivating us; helping us recognize that we can overcome whatever challenges may come. Even if we don’t have husbands to help us work the land or maintain the house, we can do it ourselves and be proud of all that we are doing. May God greatly bless all those who support CEPAD.”

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