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Fulfilling a Need

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

When Isabel heard about CEPAD’s programs, she thought this was her chance to lift herself out of poverty and provide a better future for her daughter after her husband passed away.

With the support of community leaders, she joined CEPAD’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Program to open up a small business. Isabel found the workshops she attended to be very helpful.

“Thanks to CEPAD I’ve participated in workshops where I learned about entrepreneurship, rural women’s development, and seeing new opportunities. These workshops also serve as a place where we can share our experiences with women from other communities. We feel seen and unified by our way of life and the little opportunities we’ve had. But thanks be to God and CEPAD, because things are changing to create a better future for ourselves and our community.”

Analyzing her community’s needs, Isabel decided to open up a mini pharmacy. Her community is 40km away from the nearest pharmacy, making getting medicine difficult and costly. With the seed fund provided by CEPAD, Isabel was able to start her own pharmacy in her community, growing her own business while meeting a community need.

For many years, Isabel was a health promoter, and was trained in managing a first aid kit and providing first aid. Even without a medical degree, Isabel is still able to serve her community, and for that, she gives thanks.

“May God bless CEPAD and all those that make their work possible. This program is a dream come true for us. For that reason, I give my infinite thanks.”

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