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From Struggling Single Mother to Business Owner

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Francys Castillo is a 25-year old single mother of two children. In the past she had to travel to Costa Rica to look for work to support her children. She is now part of the Women’s Empowerment program and is learning how to build her own small business. Your gifts make these types of training possible for many people in Nicaragua. Thank you for your generosity.

“I am a single mother. I have and will continue to fight to raise my two children. Since the time that I separated from my children's father, I have worked a lot, I have had to travel to Costa Rica in search of better jobs and opportunities in life.

Today I feel very grateful to God and to CEPAD, because they have come to our community with different programs, mainly this Women's Development Program, which will allow us to see ahead in our future, helping us to undertake and promote projects that in one way or another will improve our family economy.

I already participated in my first workshop, on entrepreneurship, a very important topic since it helps us discover our vocation and opportunities, based on the needs that are present in our communities and the experiences shared by other women who participated in the workshops.

The project that I would like to start up is a small beauty salon in my community, since whenever there are events in my community they look to me to fix the girls, in this way, I can earn a little money to help myself with the expenses to support my two children.

I am starting to study a hairstyle and beauty course, to provide a better service to the residents of my community, I know that with the help of God and CEPAD I will be able to fulfill my dream of starting my own business at home of my parents, to get ahead with my children and to be able to have our own house.

I thank God and all those people who donate a grain of sand so that CEPAD helps our communities and collaborate to change lives with the aim of improving the family economy,”

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