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Family Gardens change family nutrition

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Thanks to you families like Virginia's have been able to improve their nutrition. Virginia is also grateful as a woman to receive training and feels empowered and is recognized in her community as having knowledge that she can share with others.

"With the support of the project we received a variety of seeds and we have been able to take advantage of this material. As small farmers we don’t have the ability to obtain a variety of seeds due to the high cost of purchasing them.

With the seeds we have been able to improve the nutrition of my family. We are now eating cucumber, tomatoes, squash and onions and we have used them in our daily consumption. It is a way to guarantee improved nutrition because now they are available in our plot and we don’t have to purchase them.

We are eating healthy foods because the inputs we are applying for pest management we are also making ourselves, organic compost and natural insecticides.

Something that I have improved is the practice of growing our own vegetable seeds, techniques which I have shared with other families in my community.

As a woman receiving training, I feel good about my work. I am recognized for my work in improving my family nutrition and I have been able to integrate my family in my work, which has strengthened us as a family.

CEPAD is different from other non-profits because they have helped to improve the organization of my community because all of us, children, young people and adults, are involved in improving our community. "

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