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COVID-19 Kits Are Protecting Vulnerable Families

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Jensy del Carmen is a mother of two children. Her husband works in the fields of other farmers two to three days a week, he earns about $3.50/day for his work.

Jensy is a part of the Community Organization program where she is learning how to solve the biggest problems they face. She said, “With the development of its programs, CEPAD has awakened the desire to be organized and work together for the development of the community.”

Thanks to your generosity Jensy and her family received a COVID-19 kit to help them face the virus. They received soap, clorox and face masks. Thanks to your generous contributions families like Jensy’s feel protected and safe.

“In April my family was benefited from a hygiene kit, of great importance for my family for health care to face of the Covid situation, at that time we did not have the economic resource to acquire the products, that thanks to the programs were delivered to us, it has been useful to prevent us from the disease, in addition, they are making the population aware of self-care during this emergency.”

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