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Roofs, seeds and hurricane aid, Oh my!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Thanks so the many generous donors who gave over the past few months we were able to reach our goal for providing hurricane aid for families. In November 2020 two hurricanes hit Nicaragua; destroying crops, homes and leaving families vulnerable to hunger.

(Images top left and bottom right: Community members receive roofing materials to fix their damaged homes. Top right: Water filters ensure families have clean water to drink to stay healthy. Bottom left: Food is distributed to families that lost crops.)

Your generosity is providing new roofs, seeds to replant crops that were lost and hope for families. This project is ongoing, there are many more stories and photos we will share as more people receive what you generously gave.

Maria Girón is one of the families that is grateful for your gifts of support:

“Water came in our house and ran through our house. Our coffee [plants] also had water running through them. I thought we were going to have to leave because it was pouring water….we lost a lot of our coffee.

I feel good because we were very scared because no one was supporting us. Now we feel relaxed. For my part I feel good with the support we are being given due to the losses we had in [the community] of el Diamante.”

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